“Hat-trick with 3 effective shots” Son Heung-min selected as one of the top 10 players in EPL... He also surpassed ‘Monster’ Haaland

Son Heung-min (31) was selected as one of the ‘10 highest rated players in the English Premier League (EPL)’ this season.

Britain's 'Football London' said on the 20th (Korean time), "With the last international break of the year approaching, now is the best opportunity to look back on this season's EPL." At the same time, based on the evaluation of the soccer statistics site 'WhoScored.com', the highest-rated games of this season by Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Newcastle's leading stars were listed from 10th to 1st.

10th place is Nicola Jackson (9.53, Chelsea), 9th place Erling Haaland (9.58, Manchester City), 8th place Kieran Trippier (9.58, Newcastle), 7th place Son Heung-min (9.61), 6th place Bruno Guimaraes (9.72, Newcastle), 5th place Solly March (9.73, Brighton), 4th place Eddie Nketiah (9.86, Arsenal), 3rd place Evan Ferguson (9.96, Brighton), 2nd place Jeremy Doku (10, Man City), 1st place Ollie Watkins (10, Aston Villa) It was.

Son Heung-min's highest-rated game was against Burnley in the fourth round at 9.61, ranking 7th overall. Son Heung-min, who previously played as a left-wing striker in the first to third rounds of the league, transformed into a front-line striker for the first time in the Burnley match, replacing the underperforming Richarlison. And he lived up to coach Enze Postekoglu's expectations perfectly. He scored a hat trick and led the team to a 5-2 victory.

He then scored in games against Arsenal, 오피가니 Liverpool, Fulham, and Crystal Palace, scoring a total of 8 goals so far. He ranks third in scoring after Erling Haaland (13 goals) and Mohamed Salah (10 goals).

The media said, "Son Heung-min performed below expectations at the beginning of the season, but read more scored a hat-trick against Burnley. On this day, the Korean striker performed brilliantly and rose to the forefront of Tottenham's attack. On this day, Son Heung-min made a total of 5 shots. “It resulted in a hat trick,” he said. At the time, Son Heung-min had three effective shots, and he showed amazing decisiveness by turning all of them into goals.

Manchester City's 'scoring machine' Haaland's highest rating of the season was 9.58 against Fulham in the fourth round, placing him in 9th place, lower than Son Heung-min. At that time, Holland recorded a hat trick and an assist, leading to a 5-1 victory. The media explained, "The Norwegian scoring machine achieved a hat trick with just four shots. He also provided an additional assist with three key passes. Afterwards, Haaland's scoring streak continued and he gained an upper hand in the competition for the Golden Boot."

First place was Watkins. He scored 3 goals and 1 assist in the 7th round match against Brighton and received a perfect rating of 10. The media said, “The first perfect rating of the season came in a game where Aston Villa tore Brighton to shreds 6-1. At that time, Watkins was directly involved in four goals.”

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